Small Business Development Courses

Our mission is to help your company find the right small business solutions that fit your needs.

LRS Consulting, Inc. is now offering small business development courses in north central Kansas.

Beginning January 30, 2016, LRS Consulting, Inc. offered three small business development courses free of charge to anyone interested in starting a small business in Cloud County, Kansas.

Here’s an excerpt about the courses from the NCKToday article:

The courses, made possible by the Concordia City Commission and the Cloud County Board of Commissioners, are required to take for gap financing and the Get in the Cloud Grant Program for new business members. Even business members that have already been in business for a couple years can benefit from these classes. “These classes are extremely beneficial to the community because the average person starting a business doesn’t know the process they need to go through or where to even start, or the resources that are available to them. Let alone, they have no clue what a business plan consists of or what their cash flow projections are,” said Linda.

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 Small Business Development Courses

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