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Our mission is to help your company find the right small business solutions that fit your needs.

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Experienced QuickBooks team at LRS Consulting Inc. assists with setup, training, ongoing support.


Compiling a box of receipts at year-end isn’t a useful or appropriate system for a business.

Sorry, post-it notes.

Your tax preparer will be horrified, and frankly, won’t hold much hope for your success because he or she knows that you’re not in control of your business. How can you know how your business is doing if you’re relying on hope that you and your employees kept a few hundred receipts?

At LRS Consulting Inc. our team knows that most new business owners have limited funds. Starting a new business requires spending money before you’re making money. And sometimes that requires investing in software. It’s just a fact of business ownership.

To ensure that small businesses have the tools they need succeed, we will occasionally recommend software and other tools we’ve found to be helpful. We are focused on “Small Business Solutions”. Our mission is to help new businesses start and grow successfully. We want to provide our clients with the tools they need to manage their own business.

For accounting software, we recommend QuickBooks™ to all our small business and nonprofit clients.

Our clients come from all kinds of industries, and our team understands the value of good accounting in each of these industries. Bookkeeping systems and procedures, bookkeeping, small business management, training and QuickBooks™ are our specialties. We help you with a highly experienced team of QuickBooks™ trainers and professional bookkeepers that not only understand the numbers, but what they mean to your business.

If you decide to purchase QuickBooks software for your accounting needs, here are some quick tips to get you started:

Purchasing QuickBooks

First, you’ll need QuickBooks™ software. QuickBooks™ Pro and Premier for the PC are the most frequently used software packages for small businesses. It’s been said that QB has 95% of the small business market, and for good reason. It’s very inexpensive and performs all the necessary bookkeeping functions a small business needs including payroll processing, inventory management, credit card processing—just to name a few. You can go to http://quickbooks.intuit.com/products to view your options or schedule a meeting with one of our professionals to assist you prior to making your purchase.

Saving hours of frustration with QuickBooks

As soon as you have the software, you’ll need a QuickBooks™ data file set up for your business. While QuickBooks™ is very user-friendly, we still recommend you get professional help with set up. The right set up, customized to your business, will improve your accuracy and efficiency, and ensure that you can stay incompliance with state and federal laws. Mistakes in taxes can be significant, even devastating. Setting up and customizing a new business file of a typical business can take up to 4 hours with our professionals at LRS Consulting Inc.

Understanding how to use QuickBooks

Then we recommend some training on how to maintain and revise your file (adding new accounts, new products/services, new clients, vendors and employees; designing and redesigning your invoices/sales receipts; adding new features you may need) to keep pace with the growing needs of your business. We recommend a minimum of 2 hours with one of our professionals to start.

To complete getting your new bookkeeping system functioning and giving you the “numbers”, you need to know how to enter each type of transaction your business generates, and how to customize and print the reports that show you the results. You could take a general QuickBooks™ workshop or an online tutorial, but we feel our clients benefit more from customized personal training dealing only with what you need to learn. No point wasting your valuable time learning inventory if you’ll never have it. You need to spend your time developing your new business.

If you decide to pursue this software and our help, you can schedule your training in one or two hour blocks whenever it’s convenient for you. At the end of training on your initial set up, you’ll have opportunities to schedule the hours you need to get the most out of the software for yourself and your team.

Anytime help with QuickBooks

After you get setup and feel comfortable with your new software, know that you’re not alone. The professionals at LRS Consulting Inc. will be happy to work with you on future QuickBooks™ problems or questions you encounter. We can meet at your business or log into your computer at a convenient time for you. Contact us today.


 QuickBooks Setup and Training

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