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Income Tax Preparation: Making preparation easier over time

As a small business consultant I heard the frustration from my clients as they pulled together the information they needed for their tax returns. It was time consuming and time they weren’t spending profitably working in and on their businesses. Many wanted to know not only what information to pull together, but why it was important. I was surprised as to how challenging it was for so many small businesses to find an accountant that was willing to take the time to not only prepare the returns, but to sit down with the business owner and help them prioritize and analyze what was working and what could work better for their businesses.

That was motivation to start LRS Consulting.

At LRS Consulting Inc. we don’t just enter the documents you provide, we ask questions to maximize your return. And we help you learn. After all, you’re in business to not only make a profit, but to make the entire business run more profitably, and more smoothly over time. We know that you only have so many hours in a day. Let us help maximize your time.

LRS Consulting Inc. Income Tax Preparation Services provided include:

  • Small Business Tax Returns (a specialty of our firm)
  • E-filing for federal and all states
  • Individual and business returns

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 Income Tax Preparation