Business Training Seminars

Our mission is to help your company find the right small business solutions that fit your needs.

Business Training Seminars

LRS Consulting Inc. can provide a variety of established training seminars or customize one for your specific needs. We provide training seminars for a classroom or individual to meet your needs. Blow is a list of the current business training topics. If you do not see a topic you need, please contact LRS to develop one to fit your business needs.

  • Meeting the 3 M’s – Learning the Basics of Money, Marketing & Management
  • The Right Start – Using a Business Plan
  • Cash Flow Made Easy
  • Small Biz Tune-Up
  • Developing Your Online Presence
  • Growing through Customer Service
  • Loan Basics: Understanding the Loan Process
  • Making Cent$ of Financial Statements
  • Recordkeeping & Financial Analysis for a Small Business
  • Low and No Cost Marketing Ideas
  • Turn Your Profits into $
  • Pricing Your Product or Service
  • Reception Etiquette
  • Internet Marketing for Your Small Business
  • Small Business Marketing
  • E-Newsletters for the Small Business Owner
  • Social Networking for Small Business
  • No Business Like e-Business
  • Meet the Tax Man: Your Tax Responsibility to the State of Kansas
  • State Tax Workshop for Contractors
  • Kansas Sales Tax for Manufacturers
  • IRS Tax Workshop
  • Facebook 101— Setting Up a Personal Facebook Account
  • Facebook 201— Setting Up a Business Facebook page
  • Facebook 301— Growing Your Business on Facebook
  • Facebook 401— Using eCommerce on Your Business Facebook Page
  • Marketing on a Shoestring
  • Website Design Made Easy
  • Intro to Social Marketing – What’s it all about?
  • Introduction to QuickBooks®
  • QuickBooks® Advanced for Retail & Inventory Businesses
  • QuickBooks® Advanced for Service Businesses                                                                              
  • QuickBooks® for Farming and Ranching Operations
  • Basics of Selling on eBay
  • Beyond the Basics of Selling on eBay
  • Agritourism: Your Next Cash Crop?

Downloadable templates for your use

Cash Flow Template

Expense 12 months

Business Plan Format

Project Cost Detail

Project Cost Detail Template

Sales COGS 12 months

Sales & COGS 12 months Template

Expense 12 months Template


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 Business Training Seminars